1. Publish custom CloudWatch metrics from PowerShell part 2

    In the previous part we saw how to publish custom metrics using the AWS SDK and PowerShell. Now we’ll see a couple of examples.

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  2. Publish custom CloudWatch metrics from PowerShell part 1

    Cloud computing is awesome. I really like Amazon Web Services, and I really love the fact that they have released an SDK and even better, that it’s usable from PowerShell.

    I work as a freelancer on a game development studio, I do all kinds of stuff there, one of my tasks is to manage the (now virtualized) infrastructure. Lately I started working on monitoring my EC2 instances and found out that CloudWatch’s built-in metrics weren’t enough, so I started looking into custom metrics. In this how-to I’ll explain how to use PowerShell with the AWS SDK for .NET and how to use the PutMetricData method to publish our data. It’s my first article ever so bear with me.

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  3. The links to the movie and the games I blogged about earlier


  4. First post

    Hi, this is my blog. I had planned to start this blog with a how-to on some nerdy stuff I had to finish by the weekend because of my job, I thought about sharing that knowledge but the post isn’t finished. Instead I’m starting on something about games.

    Lately I have set aside some of the “bigger” games and moved on to Cave Story, I really enjoy the setting, the music that annoys my entire family, the exploration and backtracking, but the thing I love the most is how the game looks in my head. Most games are trying so hard to be photo realistic and played with motion controls, telling huge expansive stories, etc. That’s not bad itself, it’s just that those games don’t leave anything to my imagination.

    Indie Game The Movie was released today. I was very excited about the movie. Not because of the movie itself, I wanted to understand the experiences of the people behind awesome games like Super Meat Boy and Braid and Fez which I have yet to experience as I don’t own an Xbox.

    While watching the movie I remembered one of the times I was playing Super Meat Boy on a lunch break at work. Most of the people were playing FIFA or Modern Warfare. I was stuck at this dark level called Wicked One on world three which is appropriately named Hell. By the end of the break I had a very quiet crowd watching me play hoping I’ll be able to complete the level, when I finally made it, it was awesome and then we all watched the replay (replays are an awesome feature on Super Meat Boy for those who don’t know the game). Anyway, take that Modern Warfare.

    At another point of the movie one of my brothers said something like “this is more stressful than Saw.” It really felt that way. I can’t begin to imagine what the creators felt close to the release date but at the same time something inside me told me “I want to feel like that too”.

    That brings me to the point of this post. Even though solutions to the problems I’ve faced on my work have been creative. I don’t think about myself as a creative person. I can appreciate art but I don’t really understand it, I love music but I don’t think I’ll ever be good at composing. With games on the other hand I think I might have a shot. So many ideas that were scraped because of time, reality or just because lack of motivation. Maybe now it’s the time to give a try.

    Who knows. Maybe one night there will be a kid playing late so much into one of my games that he’ll miss school the next day.

    BTW: Thank you Team Meat for such an awesome game

    Meat Boy
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